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One of the most common dishes in Greece is Greek Moussaka. It’s a very tasty casserole meal with layers of ground beef, vegetables and creamy béchamel sauce. The Mediterranean herbs give the Greek Moussaka a special flavor that I like very much!

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While you can enjoy a good Greek Moussaka at a taverna, it’s even better at home, sharing it with friends and family. If there is anything left, you can put it in the fridge and eat it the next day. It will be as good as fresh or even better, in my opinion. Enjoy!

Here is the written recipe, with the ingredients and step by step instructions:

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Greek Moussaka

Traditional Greek Moussaka recipe with eggplants, ground beef and bechamel. This casserole dish is perfect for weekend dinners and is flavor packed
Servings 4 people


Cutting board
Rubber spatula
Oven Tray


  • 1 pound ground beef (400g)
  • 2 eggplants
  • 2 potatoes
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 red onion
  • 14 oz canned chopped tomatoes (400g)
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste
  • 7 oz parmesan cheese (200g)
  • butter
  • 4 cups milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 11 tbsp flour
  • ¼ tsp cinnamon
  • 2 bay leaves
  • ½ tsp dried oregano
  • ½ tsp dried thyme
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg
  • 1 glass red wine
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • black pepper


  • We start by cutting the eggplants in slices
  • Then spread salt over them and mix them well
  • Next add them in a colander over a bowl to get the water out of them so that they don’t become bitter and are easier to fry. Leave them like this for 30 minutes
  • While this is happening finely chop the red onion
  • Then peel and cut the potatoes into thin slices
  • In a preheated pan at medium heat add olive oil and the ground beef. Spread the beef around and cook it for 7 mins or until it gets browned. Browning the meat gives you extra flavor
  • Make some room in the pan and add the chopped onion. Cook it for 3-4 mins, or until it gets soft. After that, mix it with the meat
  • Now make some room again, add a bit of olive oil, the crushed garlic and cook for 30 seconds
  • Then add 1 tablespoon of tomato paste. Cook for another 30 seconds then mix everything together
  • After that add the red wine to deglaze the pan. Mix very well until nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan. Cook for 2 minutes or until you can’t smell the alcohol of the wine.
  • Then add 1 teaspoon of salt,  the chopped tomatoes, 100ml of water and mix everything together. Cook for 10 mins
  • Next add the bay leaves, the cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of oregano and 1/2 teaspoon of thyme. Mix everything together and cook for 5 mins.
  • Then add black pepper, mix and set the sauce aside. At this moment you can remove the bay leaves if you want
  • Now press on the eggplants in the colander to get as much water out of them as you can. Place them on a paper towel and remove the excess liquid with another paper towel
  • In a different pan add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and fry the potatoes on each side for 2 minutes. After that, place them on a plate, to rest
  • Then do the same with the eggplants
  • It’s time to make the béchamel sauce. Melt 7 tbsp (or 100g) of butter in a pan at medium heat. As soon as the butter melts add the flour and whisk it for 2 minutes.
  • Then add the milk in small batches while whisking.
  • When the sauce starts to thicken add the nutmeg, pepper, salt, 2 egg yolks and 5 oz (or 150g) of parmesan cheese. Mix until the cheese melts, then set aside.
  • Once the béchamel sauce is ready, take a ladle of it and mix it with the beef sauce
  • Take an oven tray and cover it with butter. Make sure the sides are covered well also
  • To assemble the Greek Moussaka, first place the potato slices on the bottom of the tray, then a layer of eggplant, then pour the beef sauce over and spread it evenly. Next add a second layer of eggplant, then pour over the bechamel sauce and spread it evenly. Last sprinkle over the remaining parmesan cheese
  • Put the tray into the preheated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 180 degrees Celsius) for 60 minutes
  • After you get it out of the oven, let it rest for 45 mins before serving
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean

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    The end result was perfectly delicious! We had it again today for lunch. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

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